How to Distinguish Premium Quality CBD Oil to Low End

Recently, CBD oil has become more popular. Though it remains as a Schedule I Drug and federally illegal, the 2018 Farm Bill changed the course of this controversial herb. Because of this development, CBD oil and other hemp-based CBD products are decriminalized. Many states in the U.S. and Canada legalized the market, production, and use of CBD products for recreational and medical purposes.

The decriminalization and acceptance of the herb on a state level caused the drastic development of this industry. Today, you can easily find farmers, manufacturers, and distributors of CBD products. Also, you can purchase it at an authorized vendor or online. Albeit, the accessibility of this herb is advantageous to individuals who rely on their medicinal properties, the widespread availability of the product became more of a challenge. It is more difficult to find high-quality CBD oil in the market.

Take note that premium quality CBD oil is safer and more effective than low-end products. Poor quality CBD products might contain harmful substances that could cause medical complications. Also, chances are the manufacturer used poor methods in extracting the hemp.

Then, how can you protect yourself from the risk of poor quality CBD oil? Learn how to distinguish premium CBD products using the following considerations.

#1 How the Hemp is Grown

One of the best ways to ensure high-quality products is to use premium materials. As much as possible, choose CBD oil that came from hemp locally grown. Hemp is a hyperaccumulator, meaning it easily absorbs toxins and heavy materials in the soil. Therefore, inexperienced hemp growers might make a mistake in growing hemp in poor and toxic soil. That is why it is best to choose CBD products that use hemp from authorized growers and farmers.

You can easily identify the CBD’s sources by going to the product’s company website. Also, you can ask the distributor.

#2 How the CBD Oil is Made

Before buying CBD oil, ask the vendor or distributor about the item’s production methods. Usually, manufacturers include such information on their product’s label or website.

It is essential to find out how CBD oil is made. There are only two methods that are allowed and advised by authorities. These are using ethanol to remove toxins and residues on the hemp plant and through supercritical CO2 extraction. These methods assure the highest amount of natural cannabinoids extract. Moreover, these processes are safe for human health.

Also, look for third-party lab results when buying CBD products. CBD oil with a Certificate of Analysis (COAs) undergone laboratory tests to guarantee the product has zero harmful contents.

#3 Where to Find CBD

Always go to a trustworthy CBD oil and CBD product distributor or seller. Don’t easily trust sources you come across online. Make sure to check the credibility of the source by reading reviews, which you can find it here.


It is challenging to look for premium quality CBD, especially for newbies. If you are a beginner, make sure to ask help from experts and consult a medical professional. Additionally, do plenty of research before buying and using any CBD product. Doing so will reduce your risk of buying poor quality and fake CBD.

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