Pocket Knife 101: Types, Uses, and Maintenance

A pocket knife is an extremely versatile tool. It has a lot of functions and uses. And probably, one day it could even save your life.

If you are an avid pocket knife collector, chances are you know the different types of this tool. No surprise there if you own a collection of high-end pocket knives. But if you are a beginner, here is a crash course that’ll help you understand the different types of pocket knives, its uses, maintenance, and even learn how to close a knife properly.

What are Different Main Types of Pocket Knives?

  1. Peasant Pocket Knife

The peasant or proto-pocket knife is small and foldable. It is portable and easy to carry. This type of pocket knife is the first of its type. Back then, peasant knives have blades made of iron and bronze. The handles are either made of wood or bone. The modern pocket knives you know today are a derivative of this design.

  1. Slip Joint Pocket Knife

A slip joint pocket knife features a lock that secures the blade. The slip joint keeps the blade in place by tension. Moreover, it has a back spring that rotates the blade when from pressure. This feature keeps the knife open when needed.

  1. Camper Pocket Knife

It is the knife that campers and hikers commonly use. Though it is called a knife, attached to this tool are other handy devices that are useful for camping, such as a can opener, screwdriver, scissors, and many more. This type of knife is also known as a multi-tool pocket knife.

  1. Barlow Pocket Knife

Barlow pocket knife features an elongated oval handle with a clip point and pen blade.

  1. Congress Pocket Knife

The design of this pocket knife is similar to the classic slip-joint pocket knife. However, it has four blades instead of having one.

What are the Uses of Pocket Knives?

Pocket Knives have many uses. It is a handy tool that you can use to do simple tasks such as the following:

  • Cutting various materials
  • Slicing food
  • Opening packages
  • Whittling
  • Carving
  • Personal protection

This tool can also save you during emergencies. For example, you can use it to cut cloth and make a tourniquet. And when you are hiking in the woods, pocket knives are useful for survival.

How to Maintain Pocket Knives?

Pocket knives can get dull over time. You have to keep it sharp and clean. If not, debris and dirt will dull the knife’s edge. Moreover, it will turn rusty, especially when not regularly oiled.

Now, take note that there are different methods of sharpening knives. But a good way to begin in sharpening pocket knives is to begin at the coarsest surface and work your way to finer surfaces. Also, remember to immediately clean the blade every after use and occasionally oil it to prevent rusting.


Pocket knives can save you in many ways. Thus, it is best to have one, especially when you going out on a camping or hiking trip. But of course, make sure to learn how to use your pocket knife effectively and how to take care of it to preserve its lifespan.

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