What are the Different Types of Dress Shoe for Men?

They say that the first two things that people look at you is your eyes and then your shoes. Maybe you can now use that as an excuse when you want to buy a superb shoe for yourself. If you have a superb pair of dress shoes, then you could surely start putting your best foot forward.

To own the perfect dress shoe for you, it would be best if you know the several types of dress shoes.

1. Oxford

When you are trying to find a laced dress shoe, there would be two options for you: Oxford and Derby. Both of these dress shoes have a vamp part. The significant feature that you can see in Oxford is the facing is attached behind the vamp. This arrangement gives the shoe a closed lacing, which is responsible for its sleek appearance.

If you want to have a sleek look, your best choice would be a pair of black plain-toe Oxford. You can also have a cap toe which will make you feel at home in any boardroom.

Oxfords came from Scotland and are sometimes called Balmorals, which is a word that came from the Balmoral Castle.

2. Derby

Instead of closed lacing, the Derby has an open lacing, which gives it a versatile and robust feel. Derbies are usually available in different hues of browns and reds, and oxblood and cognac. It can be paired with chinos, jeans, and a suit.

However, if you feel like going the traditional way, you can pair it with a sports jacket and trousers.

Some people in the USA call this dress shoe type “bluchers.”

3. Brogue

Are you usually soaking your shoe in the water? If that is the case, then the shoe industry has the perfect pair for you. The Brogue dress shoe has holes in it. In the past, Gaelic people used those holes to drain water from their feet.

4. Monk Strap

The most prominent feature of the Monk Strap is its wide strap. It is considered to be the dress shoe in between the Oxford and the Derby. This type of dress shoe is the perfect alternative for people who do not want lace-up types.

If you want a more timeless feel, you should go with the single straps, but if you feel like you want to channel the inner military in you, then you should go with double straps. Take note that Monk Straps are usually designed with a toe cap.

This dress shoe can be traced back to the time where monks were looking for an alternative for sandals. However, despite having an obsolete feel, most aficionados prefer this style because it is different.

5. Loafer

Some men prefer slip-on, and this would be the perfect choice for them. It offers a more laid back look.

It is said that King George VI was the origin of this shoe because he wanted something that he could indoors.

The essential factor that you should think about in choosing a dress shoe is the comfort that it can offer. You should choose to buy extremely comfortable dress shoes for yourself.

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