Why are Lucchese Cowboy Boots So Expensive?

Cowboy boots came from West America and Mexico because there came in the popular and best brands of cowboy boots. Just like another fashion thing, wearing cowboy boots become popular that many of the people around the world love to collect and wear the best of them. But did you know that there are considered as the best and most expensive cowboy boots in the world? Yes, there is! And that is Lucchese cowboy boots!

Why are Lucchese boots so expensive? These are the common question of the person who does not know or familiar with the Lucchese cowboy boots brand. Well, after reading this article, you will make sure that you will find the answer to this question. Not only that, maybe at the end, you will find interesting for this Lucchese boots that you might be going to add it to your boot collections!

I will discuss first the history of these popular cowboy boots before we move in answering the question of why Lucchese boots are so expensive. It all started in 1883 when Salvatore and Joseph Lucchese moved in San Antonio and built their boot making shop. It became so popular that many of the richest people, different ranch owners and cowboy boot collectors from Mexico came in and buy their high-quality boots. It became popular all over the world that celebrities and high profile people visited their shop and buy their cowboy boots product. These popular people and celebrities include Bing Crosby in 1942, Audie Murphy in 1955, Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1956, President JFK in the 1960s, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2000s, and even the 81st Texas Legislature where House Bill 226 was introduced which is about on the remembrance of Lucchese 125th anniversary. Well, really this Lucchese cowboy boots brand really became well-known and being patronized by many people around the world. Thus, it is really a great feeling to wear this kind of cowboy boots that most admired and richest people around the world are addicted to wear and collect them.

The price of these Lucchese cowboy boots is more costly compared to other boots brand. Why that is because of its premium quality that the materials are made of. Not only that they also added detailed steps that needed more time and expertise in creating these premium quality boots. From the lemonwood pegs that are being hand-hammered to the leather to hold the insole and outsole part of the boots, up to sewing the boot parts using the antique machines, these cowboy boots offers superb quality. Not only that, but they also made this Lucchese boots perfected the durability process that it makes it a great fit that the owner of every boot who wears it makes it comfortable and satisfied.

The process of cutting is also detailed where they search perfectly to match their dies that it takes one day for one pair of boots. They also require 2 crocodilian skins that they will be going to match side by side in order to make sure they match it perfectly and sometimes it takes them up to 30 different skins to compare because once they are in the factory they cannot be dyed or tanned anymore. They also used hands in tooling leather that takes weeks to finish. They also used their own Lucchese protective sealants to produce textures and tones. Well, overall the premium quality is worth it that it also offers boots that cost only $295, but they have also 8 types of boots that cost up to $2000. Mostly, if you are looking for the best and most expensive one, then you will find their Baron Black American Alligator Western Boot that costs $12,995.

Well, I think that all answers your question why these Lucchese Cowboy boots become expensive.

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