Hair Care Tips For Frequent Travellers:

Ladies on the move, this one’s for you! In this fast-paced life, tight schedules, flights, and jet lags, you end up ignoring what’s most important – YOU! And if you don’t take enough care, this hectic life does end up on taking a toll – on your skin, your hair, your health. No worries here, you’re not alone out there, this happens to be the story of many women out there. But of course, you cannot let things be as they are – you have to do something about it. So we’ve got a few tips for you, which will help you take care of your hair on the go:

Hair Care Tips

1. Cover your hair:

When on holiday, basking in the golden sun, make sure you cover your hair with a scarf or a hat, whichever you like best. Too much of exposure to the sun will rob your hair of its nutrition and make it all frizzy and dry. SO make sure you carry a hat/scarf and wear it too!

2. Wash your hair:

Especially if you’re in places that are hot, humid and make you all sweaty, wash your hair often. The moment you feel the greasiness that makes your hair sticky, you need to wash your hair right away. The thing is, the longer these pollutants, the dirt and grime remain on your hair, greater the damage caused. SO wash it off right away – you’ll not only feel all fresh and good but also maintain your hair well.

Hair Care Tips

3. Oil massage:

Ditching this won’t help at all. Even if you’re on holiday, make sure you give your scalp, your hair a gentle oil massage with the warm version of your favorite oil. This will soothe away all your tiredness and jet lag but will keep the moisture levels of your hair intact. Travelling brings in exposure to all sorts of external factors, which ultimately become causes for damage. An overnight oil massage will work wonder s and bring back the shine and bounce in your otherwise lack-luster hair.

4. Skip unwanted usage of new products:

Trying out all the products and shampoos provided by the hotel in which you’re putting up – we’ve all been there, done that. But don’t! You can opt for products that are entirely organic and natural but don’t experiment otherwise. Always carry a mini-version of your hair care stuff along with you so that you need not depend on the stuff outside.
There you go – simple, basic tips to keep your hair protected during travel!

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